Lily’s Nursery Update 

Hello sweet friends! 

Today I wanted to share with you a quick update on Lily’s nursery! I know a few people have enjoyed seeing the progress so I’m gonna share a recap for everything that’s done so far!

If you know me, I don’t pay full price for anything. Everything in the room was thrifted, DIYed, on major sale or given to us!  

Our theme has changed a little because we found this amazing rug at Target (on super sale + a gift card) and it inspired the whole room! We were going with just a color scheme but now I’ve decided to lean towards a tribal/boho feel.

The changing table area has actually changed quite a bit. Originally I had a different changing table all together. My husband’s boss was getting rid of this furniture and asked if we wanted it. Uhh yeah! 

We are still looking for a cover for the pad but I’m thinking a light pink one will work. The pictures above the table were all DIYed by yours truly. I just used my Cricut Explore and some scrapbook paper! I purchased the frames from Ikea for less than $15. 

This pillow was also a quick DIY with an extra case I had and some iron on vinyl that was left over from another project. 

The pillows will not stay in her crib but they look cute for now! The will probably end up on the floor if we’re being honest. 

This chandelier is probably my favorite thing in the entire room! Ryan found it for her and it is so gorgeous! 

I am tackling this big wall as we speak! I have decided to do a canopy over the bed and  I bought all the supplies yesterday for around $20. I am also changing her bedding, I’m not loving the white crib skirt, I think cream would look better. 

There are into a few things we are missing in here. When the room is finished, I will give y’all a video tour! 

I hope you enjoyed this quick update! I am so excited that it is coming together! 

8 thoughts on “Lily’s Nursery Update 

  1. Valerie says:

    Ooh, I love it! The pictures above the changing table are so well coordinated. ^_^ If you’re into DIY, you should look on YouTube for the changing pad cover – they are super easy to sew!! I made one while pregnant following an easy tutorial I found on there. 🙂


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